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Getting Started

What is GrantTracker

Powered by the folks at EfficientGov, GrantTracker is a simple yet powerful grant management tool designed to help your organization streamline the entire grant life-cycle.


  • MANAGE THE ENTIRE GRANT LIFE-CYCLE – Designed to help your city or department streamline the entire grant life-cycle. A unified application that helps your team apply for grants and then manage all reporting tasks that follow.
  • DOCUMENT, CONTACT & NOTE LIBRARY – Store all of your application documents, contacts and notes online so you can access, manage and share them from anywhere.
  • CENTRALIZED CALENDAR – Tracks all critical tasks and reporting deadlines to drive compliance through dashboard transparency and email alerts.
  • GRANTFINDER INTEGRATION – Export Federal, State and Foundation grants directly from GrantFinder.
  • REPORTS – A unified application that helps your team apply for grants and then manage all reporting tasks that follow.
Adding Users

Adding Grants

Exporting from GrantFinder

From a Grant Details page in GrantFinder, click on Export to GrantTracker. A new tab will open in GrantTracker.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it will take between 15-20 seconds for GrantFinder to connect to GrantTracker.

If you are not logged into GrantTracker, you will be prompted to do so.

Adding a Grant Manually
From the main dashboard, select the “Add a Grant” option from the Grants menu.

Creating Projects

Projects connect individual grants and applications into your larger funding objectives.

Creating Applications

Applications are the bridge between a grant opportunity and one of your Projects. Create a new application from within a Grant details page.

Application Deadline Types

When creating or updating an application, there are many deadline options to help you track the status from start through closing. Relevant deadlines appear depending on the Application Progress status you select (see the different configurations below).

Creating Milestones

Create a new milestone from within an Application details page to break the process down into manageable steps. Set the milestones right away so that your staff members have a comprehensive understanding of what must be completed and, more importantly, by what deadline. Milestones should describe the GOAL or GOALS of Application. When you create a milestone, you will have the ability to assign tasks to your staff within that milestone.

Working with Tasks

Tasks are the assigned steps that must be accomplished by your staff in order to finish the milestones you’ve created, in order to complete your grant application, which helps you see your project to fruition.

Sample tasks include:

  • Conduct eligibility pre-assessment
  • Create map for Environmental and Historical Preservation compliance
  • Book meeting room

As the tasks are completed, you will change the status to COMPLETED and you will receive an email notification that a task was completed. When all the tasks are finished, your linked Milestone status will change too.

Creating Reports

Create reports to track expenses, reimbursements, and documents associated with an application.

Expenses and Reimbursements

We have linked the Expenses and Reimbursements to your Reports, which usually cover your post-award activity. Click on the Reports tab, create your report, and link it to an Application. Once you submit the new Report, you can then select it and begin adding Expenses and Reimbursements.


Application Progress Reporting

The Application Progress Report page provides a powerful tool for reporting the status of your funding applications. You may generate a report for applications starting in 2014, and the application’s deadline is what determines the reporting year in GrantTracker.

Each year’s report is broken down into four sections:

  • Applications Awarded
  • Applications Pending (already submitted)
  • Applications in Progress (not submitted)
  • Applications Not Awarded

Within each section, you can click on the relevant applications to see more details, add milestones and attached reports, etc. At the bottom of each section you can find a breakdown of the applications based on funder type.

The various deadlines that display in the report come from the data you add when you create or update an Application. Learn more about the different Application Deadline Types.

Clicking the “Print Report” button in the upper right section of the screen generates a PDF file that may be used for reporting purposes.

General Grant Questions

What are Rolling Grants

Some grants are given on an ongoing, rolling basis, meaning that you can apply at any time during the year and decisions are made several times per year. In GrantTracker, rolling grants are designated by a green calendar symbol in the Deadline column.

Which records should I keep for my Federal Grant record retention requirements?

The main type of records to retain include

  • Financial records
  • Procurement records
  • Real property and equipment records
  • Other types of records, such as Indirect Cost rate proposals and program reports
  • Evidence of Sub-recipient monitoring
  • Evidence of suspension and debarment compliance
  • Various program records that support program accomplishments and reporting
  • Evidence of contract provisions compliance for both the Grantee and (if applicable), the Sub-grantees and contractors
  • Indirect Cost rate proposals and cost allocation plans
  • All other records that may be pertinent to the Award, such as cost-shared documentation and other compliance records.

Generally, the Federal Grant recipient is required to retain these records for three years from the date of submission of the final expenditure report. Please note,this is simply a general rule.


How should I add the grants that I want to use for my applications?

You have two choices – you can add applications manually or you can find them in GrantFinder and export them to GrantTracker. You also have the option of changing the information for the grants that you export from GrantFinder. If you want us to add a grant to GrantFinder so that you can export it to GrantTracker, just send us an email.

How should I establish a nickname for my Application?

When nicknaming your Application, we recommend that you keep it simple to identify. For example, if you are seeking funding to improve the roads in your city, an appropriate title can be Road Improvement Assistance. Your description should also be short and to the point.

Will I receive an email if I am assigned a Task?

Once a Task has been assigned to another licensed GT user, he/she will receive an email alert like the example below:

Why should I use the Calendar in GrantTracker?

This is a comprehensive storage room for all of your Deadlines, Tasks, Milestones, Applications, Grants, and Reports. Also, this is an easy place to start when you want to send email alerts.

For example, let’s say you want to alert a member of your staff that a deadline is approaching. Click on the color-coded event and edit the email alert. Your staff member, as long as he or she is a licensed GrantTracker user, will receive an email alert right to his/her inbox.

Why is the Library useful?

We consider GrantTracker a repository for information. The library is one of the places that you can store all of that important data you need at your fingertips at a moment’s notice.

For example, if you have to send financial reporting to one specific individual, add the name to your Contacts. You can add bids from vendors to the Document section or upload slideshows on a certain facet of your project that want available to all your stakeholders. Notes are anything relative to your project and applications that are not housed within the other sections.

When should I create a Report?

You can create a report at any point in the application process. However, it probably makes the most sense to create reports once you have achieved the grant award. Click on Add Report, name your report and establish a due date for financial reports. Once that report is saved, you can click on it and create related items like expenses, reimbursement, and library items.

What is the Outlays Summary?

This is another way to view your disbursements.

How do I sync my GrantTracker calendar with other calendar programs?

We’ve designed a version of your GrantTracker calendar optimized to sync with popular calendar programs such as Outlook and Google Calendar. The link to your optimized calendar is at the top of the main GrantTracker calendar page at

When you open the new calendar the times you see for your events may be different from your main GrantTracker calendar. These times are adjusted for your time zone so they display correctly when you import your GrantTracker calendar into another program.

To export your calendar, right click on the “download events” link and select “Copy link address.” Then you can add a new calendar in Outlook or Google by pasting in the link you copied. See the sections below for a detailed walk through for each program.

Syncing with Outlook

Syncing with Google Calendar

How do I export Expenses and Reimbursements to financial software?

You can export Expenses and Reimbursements from any report in .csv form, which is compatible with most financial software programs. You also have the option to export the information as a .txt file or JSON object.

To export, first select the Report you would like to work with. Then scroll down to the Expenses and Reimbursements table at the bottom of the page, click the “Export” button, and choose your preferred format.

How do I export Contacts to other programs?

Contacts from GrantTracker can be exported as a spreadsheet (.csv) file that can then be imported to other programs such as Salesforce and Outlook. To export your contacts, visit the Contacts Library, click the Export button, and choose “Commas (.csv)” for the file type.

It may be necessary to edit the file and format your data before importing to another program. Please review tips for importing to Salesforce and Outlook before beginning the process.


Disabling Popup Blockers

For GrantFinder to be able to export a grant to GrantTracker, make sure to disable your browser’s popup blocker. Each browser has its own instructions for allowing popups:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer